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1,2,3, Cook For Me: Over 300 Easy and Healthy Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

Author: Karin Knight , Jeannie Lumley

In 1-2-3 Cook for Me, family will find hundreds of delicious, simple, and nutritious recipes for babies and young children, and the rest of the family! From Sweet Potato Fries to Blueberry Milkshakes to Green Eggs and Ham, you'll find recipes that children and adults will love. Best of all, the book is jam-packed with up-to-date nutritional information and facts about childhood obesity. It's never been easier,or more important, to feed your children well!



Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People With Disabilities

Author: J. Rose Plaxen

A one-of-a-kind handbook filled with simple activity adaptations for people with developmental disabilities. Whether for school or home, Adapt My World will help teachers, health professionals and family enable and empower disabled children and adults to achieve simple goals that will fill everyone with pride and satisfaction. The unique layout makes Adapt My World an easy to follow reference source.


Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising the Perfect Parent by 147 Kids Who Know

Author: J.S. Salt (complied)

If kids came with an instruction manual, this would be it -- a clever and poignant collection of suggestions, observations and reminders to family from the experts themselves (kids 6-12). Organized into three sections: (Love and Caring, Family and Friends, and Guidance and Independence), these one- or two-line requests will bring a smile to your face, a lump to your throat, and a renewed sense of confidence that you can give your kids the love and support they deserve.


Babyproofing Bible: The Exceedingly Thorough Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe From Crib to Kitchen to Car to Yard

Author: Jennifer Bright Reich

More than just a guide to safety locks, stove guards, and baby gates, this book features 320 pages packed with hundreds of tips from family, healthcare and child care workers, safety experts, and safety organizations. The Babyproofing Bible targets each room in the home, as well as the yard, car, playground, grocery store, and friends and grandparents houses. Taking a trip? This thorough guide will help protect children on a plane, in a restaurant, at a lake or in a pool, or at an amusement park. Get useful advice on how to properly install car seats, create an ID kit for children, and determine which plants in oneÆs home and yard are poisonous.

Body Talk: Teaching Students with Disabilities about Body Language

Author: Pat Crissey

Children and teens with autism and other developmental disabilities can be taught the language of nonverbal communication with the practical strategies developed by veteran special education teacher Pat Crissey. More than 100 activities break down elements of body language into teachable components.


Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs: Raising the Bar of Expectations

Author: Judy Winter

Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs challenges families and professionals to help children with special needs to reach their full potential by using a proven motivational, how-to approach. This groundbreaking and inspiring book provides detailed information on how to let go of the “perfect-baby” dream, face and resolve grief, avoid the no-false-hope syndrome, access early intervention services, and avoid the use of limiting and outdated labels. Also included are specific guidelines for working with professionals, understanding the law and inclusion, planning for the future, and insightful interviews with Dana Reeve of the Christopher Reeve Foundation, Tim Shriver of Special Olympics, and Diane Bubel of the Bubel/Aiken Foundation


Building a Joyful Life With Your Child Who Has Special Needs

Author: Nancy J. Whiteman & Linda Roan-Yager

All families want the best for their child, and for families of children with special needs, this can mean that their own well-being is neglected. Drawing from their own experiences of parenting children with special needs, interviews and workshops with families, and research findings, Nancy J. Whiteman and Linda Roan-Yager explore practical ways in which families can develop a resilient and positive attitude towards caring for their child with special needs. This book considers the challenges of caring for children with physical, developmental and mental health disorders and proposes methods such as learning to see events through your child's own eyes, celebrating their strengths and achievements and recognising how others can help your child.


Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs: Stories of Love and Understanding for Those Who Care for Children with Disabilities

Author: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Heather McNamara

Raising a child with special needs is a lifelong commitment that is as unique as each person who embarks on it. Written by a variety of authors who share in this distinctive relationship, Chicken Soup for the Soul Children with Special Needs offers a glimpse into the lives of others who are on a similar path.


Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Parent's Guide

Author: Elaine Geralis

The future is brighter then ever for children with cerebral palsy -- the most common developmental disability among young people today. With advances in medicine, early intervention, and therapy, these children can maximise their potential and lead healthy, rewarding lives. But perhaps the most important influence of all comes from families who provide constant support and encouragement. This is essential reading for all families who want to learn about cerebral palsy and how it will affect their child and family.


Children with Spina Bifida: A Parents' Guide (Special Needs Collection)

Author: Marlene Lutkenhof

Children with Spina Bifida provides parents with information, guidance, and support to help meet their child's often intensive needs from birth through childhood. In one comprehensive volume, it provides easy-to-understand, compassionate coverage of: Symptoms of spina bifida; Prenatal diagnosis; Neurosurgery; Bowel management; Physical therapy, braces, casts; Emotional health; Education; Causes of spina bifida; Working through grief; Urological concerns; Childhood development; Parenting issues; Legal rights and insurance.


Down Syndrome Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier

Author: Natalie Hale

Down Syndrome Parenting 101 is a savvy book for families, grandparents, teachers, and anyone who shares life with a person with Down syndrome! It's full of uplifting advice and best practices gleaned from the author's personal and professional experiences raising a son, now an adult, and teaching educators and families how to teach children with Down syndrome to read.



Elephant in the Playroom: Ordinary Parents Write Intimately and Honestly About Raising Kids with Special Needs

Author: Denise Brodey

In The Elephant in the Playroom, Brodey introduces us to a community of intrepid moms and dads who eloquently share the extraordinary highs and heartbreaking lows of parenting a child with ADD/ADHD, sensory disorders, childhood depression, autism, and physical and learning disabilities, as well as kids who fall between diagnoses. Hailing from Florida to Alaska, with kids ages three to thirty-three, the families in this collection address everything from deciding to medicate a child to how they’ve learned to take care of themselves, offering readers comfort, kinship, and much- needed perspective.


EPILEPSY 101-The Ultimate Guide for patients and Families

The National Epilepsy Educational Alliance (Author) , Dr. Ruben Kuzniecky (Editor)

This patient and family guide to seizures and epilepsy was written by the leading epilepsy experts in the USA. This effort resulted in a balanced, comprehensive and informative guide intended to inform and guide patient and families through the the diagnosis, treatment and outcome of the disorder. The text is also meant to me used as a companion helping patients with side effects, treatment options, resources, etc.


Extraordinary Parents. Choosing Your Child's Future: A Year By Year Guide From Cradle to College

Author: Lynn Fielding

Extraordinary moms and dads refuse to leave anything to chance. The academic skills of children on the first day of school greatly impact their entire education and the trajectory of the rest of their lives. The good news is that families make a decisive difference. Find out how families can amplify early learning from birth to age five, and maximize their child's potential and opportunities in school year-by-year. This book tells you how.


The Floppy Sleep Game Book: A Proven 4- Week Plan to Get Your Child to Sleep

Author: Patti Teel

Patti Teel has created a revolutionary four-week program to help children ages 3-10 fall asleep on their own-and fall back asleep independently when they awaken during the night. "The Floppy Sleep Song" plus seven guided relaxations help families customize a bedtime routine to send their child peacefully into a restful and rejuvenating sleep.


From the Heart: On Being the Mother of a Child with Special Needs

Author: Jayne D. B. Marsh

In eye-opening narrative based on their parent support group process, nine mothers explore the intense, sometimes painful, emotional terrain of raising a child with special needs. The children who have helped shape the women's lives have a variety of special needs, including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD, and multiple disabilities. The successes, setback, struggles, and joys shared here cover important aspects of daily life: relationships with professional providers, family life, work, school issues, and feelings about the 'self' and closest friends and family members.


Good and Perfect Gift, A: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny

Author: Amy Julia Becker

An Honest, Hopeful Look at Unexpected Challenges Challenging surprises often lead to unexpected joy. Amy Julia opens eyes and softens hearts as she brings readers into her own story of disappointment turned to blessing. This is a journey of discovering strength through weakness, and the author learns to embrace the face that we are all dependent on God and one another. This books will inspire readers who appreciate beautiful writing coupled with deep insights about life and faith


Healthy Eating, Healthy Weight for Kids and Teens

Author: Jodie Shield MEd RD & Mary Catherine Mullen MS RD

In a world of fast food, supersized sodas, and televised temptations, this guide shows how to buck the obesity trend currently in the national spotlight—and have fun doing it. Using a family approach, the book describes eight strategies for managing weight; learning to make good, appealing food choices; staying active; and building better long-term habits for a healthy life. Also included are 44 easy recipes to get readers started.


Helping Children With Down Syndrome Communicate Better: Speech and Language Skills for Ages 6-14

Author: Libby Kumin

As children with Down syndrome reach age 6 they encounter more complex speech and language demands in their learning and relationships with others. This is when gaps in communication abilities between children with Down syndrome and their typically developing peers begin to widen. Helping Children with Down Syndrome Communicate Better provides families and professionals with the information and resources they need to improve their child s communication at school, at home, and in the wider community.


Keto Cookbook

Author: Dawn Martenz & Laura Cramp

The Keto Cookbook is for those using the ketogenic diet to treat pediatric epilepsy and other neurologic conditions. Each of the 96 recipes for breakfast and brunch, appetizers and snacks, lunch, dinner, and sweets and treats, are compliant with the Keto Calculator and therefore ingredient portions are provided in grams.


Life Skills Activities for Special Children

Author: Darlene Mannix

This book offers teachers and families a unique collection of 190 ready-to-use activities complete with student worksheets, discussion questions, and evaluation suggestions to help exceptional students acquire the basic skills needed to achieve independence and success in everyday life. Each of the book's activities focuses on specific skills within the context of real-life situations and includes complete teacher instructions for effective use, from objective and introduction through optional extension activities and methods to assess student learning.


Little Bear Sees: How Children with Cortical Visual Impairment Can Learn to See

Author: Aubri Tallent, Andrei Tallent & Fredy Bush

LITTLE BEAR SEES is the first book about CVI written by families for families. As you read LITTLE BEAR SEES, you will meet other families facing the many challenges that come with a diagnosis of CVI. This book was written for families, but it our sincere hope that it will be shared with doctors, therapists, family, friends and all those whose lives are touched by a child with CVI. Together we can raise awareness and improve the lives of children with cortical visual impairment


Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs

Author: Donald Meyer, Vadasy Patricia

Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs focuses on the intensity of emotions that brothers and sisters experience when they have a sibling with special needs, and the hard questions they ask: What caused my sibling's disability? Could my own child have a disability as well? What will happen to my brother or sister if my families die? Written for young readers, the book discusses specific disabilities in easy to understand terms. It talks about the good and not-so-good parts of having a brother or sister who has special needs, and offers suggestions for how to make life easier for everyone in the family.

More Than a Mom: Living a Full And Balanced Life When Your Child Has Special Needs

Author: Heather Fawcett & Amy Baskin

MORE THAN A MOM explores how women can lead rich, fulfilling personal lives while parenting a child with special needs. The authors' skillful blend of research, personal experiences, and feedback from over 500 mothers across North America results in a book that is jam-packed with practical strategies, advice, and reassurance for mothers trying to create more manageable and fulfilling lives.


My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities

Author: Yantra Bertelli, Jennifer Silverman, Sarah Talbot

The stories in this collection provide families of special needs kids with a dose of both laughter and reality. Featuring works by so-called alternative families who have attempted to move away from mainstream thought, this anthology carefully considers the implications of raising children with disabilities. From professional writers to novice storytellers, including original essays by Robert Rummel-Hudson, Ayun Halliday, and Kerry Cohen, this assortment of authentic, shared experiences from families in the know is a partial antidote to the stories that misrepresent, ridicule, and objectify disabled children and their parents.


Negotiating The Special Education Maze: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Author: Deidre Hayden, Cherie Takemoto, Winifred Anderson, Stephen Chitwood

For more than 25 years, this classic guide has taken parents, guardians, educational advocates, and special educators step-by-step through the special education process. Now revised and updated, reflecting the latest changes to the special education laws, NEGOTIATING THE SPECIAL EDUCATION MAZE continues to provide thorough, time-tested advice based on the authors' years of experience helping families advocate for their child.


Parenting Children With Health Issues: Essential Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Raising Kids With Chronic Illness, Medical Conditions, and Special Healthcare Needs

Author: Foster W. Cline & Lisa Greene

Does your child have a helath condition which requires special medical or dietary care? Whatever the health issue, you will learn the essential parenting skills you need to help your child comply with medical requirements, cope well with health challenges, and live a hope-filled life. Get practical and compassionate answers to your toughest questions as you discover effective ways to communicate about medical issues with children of all ages.This book will teach you how to:. Encourage your child to love life despite health challenges.. Handle refusal to take medication and do medical treatments.. Skillfully respond to your child's special emitional needs.. Avoid power sturggles and other common parenting traps.. and more...


Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs: Raising and Teaching All Children to Become Resilient, Responsible, and Respectful

Author: Jane Nelsen, Steven Foster & Arlene Raphael

Over the years, millions of families and teachers have come to trust Jane Nelsen’s classic Positive Discipline series for its consistent, commonsense approach to childrearing. Now, the bestselling series addresses the specific challenges that families and teachers of children with special needs face, and offers them straightforward advice for supporting them in positive ways.


Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach

Author: Pat Samples, Diane Larsen & Marvin Larsen

Are you one of the growing number of people who serves as a caregiver for an aging or chronically ill friend or family member? If so, you probably struggle to meet both their special needs and still find time and resources for yourself. But now there is reason to take heart. The authors of this down-to-earth, encouraging book can help you make the most of the experience without losing yourself in the process. Using the Twelve Steps as a guide, the authors conduct readers through the pitfalls of caregiving--the emotional snarls and strains, daily struggles, competing needs, and questions about confronting pain--providing hope and tangible suggestions on how to stay strong and sane while providing healthy support and love.

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid: A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Children 

Author: Gina Gallagher & Patricia Konjoian

On a “perfection-preoccupied planet,” sisters Gina and Patty dare to speak up about the frustrations, sadness, and stigmas they face as families of children with disabilities (one with Asperger’s syndrome, the other with bipolar disorder). This refreshingly frank book, which will alternately make you want to tear your hair out and laugh your head off, should be required reading for families of disabled children.



Sign Language for Everyone: A Basic Course in Communication with the Deaf

Author: Cathy Rice

People are adaptable. This trait is particularly useful when one of the five senses is weakened and another becomes more acute to compensate for the weakness. So the deaf, when they hear, hear with their eyes. To communicate to the deaf, then, is to translate the speech of the hearing world into the pictures of the seeing world.



Sleep Better

Author: V. Mark Durand Ph.D.

From bedtime tantrums to bedwetting, sleep problems can be one of the biggest sources of worry and frustration for families of children with special needs. Help is here in this down-to-earth, nonjudgmental guide, packed with widely tested, easy-to-use techniques that work for all children, with and without disabilities. This fully updated edition includes help for families who usually struggle with nighttime problems..


Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child With a Disability

Author: Robert Naseef Ph.D

Not just another resource on parenting. More than a book on autism. This important book is a must-have guide for any parent of a child with a disability as well as anyone who works with or cares for those families. Special Children, Challenged Parents shares the unique perspective of a father of a son with autism, with additional reflection from his perspective as a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with families of children with disabilities.


Special Kids Need Special Parents: A Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Author: Judith Loseff Lavin

Families of children with special needs face unique emotional and practical challenges everyday. These issues are seldom addressed by the medical community—and families’ most compelling questions remain unanswered. Judith Loseff Lavin  draws on interviews with health care professionals, nationally recognized authorities, and other families of children with special needs to give readers the advice, encouragement, and comfort they crave. Raising a child with special needs can be a daunting task, but it can also be a meaningful journey—helping families uncover reserves of strength, wisdom and love they never knew they had.


Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child's Education

Author: Rich Weinfeld & Michelle Davis

The Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book: What You Can Do Now to Advocate for Your Exceptional Child s Education is a unique handbook that teaches families how to work with schools to achieve optimal learning situations and accommodations for their child s needs. From IEPs and 504 Plans to IDEA and NCLB, navigating today's school system can be difficult for even the most up-to-date, education savvy parent.


Special Needs Parent Handbook: Critical Strategies and Practical Advice to Help You Survive and Thrive

Author: Jonathan Singer

The Special Needs Parent Handbook provides practical advice for any parent of a child with special needs, for caregivers of children with mild learning disorders to those with severe cases of autism, cerebral palsy or other disabilities.



Steps to Independence: Teaching Everyday Skills to Children with Special Needs

Author: Bruce L. Baker & Alan J. Brightman

Families are their children's first and most influential teachers. That's an important job—and this popular, highly respected guidebook makes it much easier. A trusted resource for thousands of families, this lively book gives families of children from age 3 through young adulthood proven strategies for teaching children the life skills they'll need to live as independently as possible. Families will start with a reader-friendly overview of the basics of teaching and then go deeper with a step-by-step guide to teaching seven different types of skills: get-ready, self-help, toilet training, play, self-care, home-care, and information gathering skills.


Sun Shine Down: A Memoir

Author: Gillian Marchenko

Every parent has hopes. No families wish for pain—their own, or a child's. Then you had a premature delivery in a foreign country. And the words swirling around you said a different kind of "what if." What if something was wrong? The dream was at risk—or so it seemed. Would you be ready for that? Could you make peace? Or would it take you down? These are the questions author Gillian Marchenko faced as she woke up after an emergency C-section in Ukraine. Only her newborn child could answer them, in time. But first she had to find a way to hear more than the words "Down syndrome."



Supportive Parenting: Becoming an Advocate for Your Child With Special Needs

Author: Jan Starr Campito

From procuring evaluations, to understanding what the diagnoses mean, to selecting therapies and therapists, to following through on therapies at home and targeting needs to be addressed, to helping formulate IEPs, and to monitoring and intervening in their school settings, Jan Campito has become a comprehensive advocate for her children with special needs, and in this book, Jan shares with other families some of her experiences and some of what she has learnt in the process.


Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents)

Author: Elizabeth Verdick & Elizabeth Reeve

This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. Some children with ASDs are gifted; others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. Some get "stuck" on things, have limited interests, or experience repeated motor movements like flapping or pacing ("stims").


Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism

Author: Mary Wrobel

Puberty can be especially tough when young people have autism or other special needs. Through simple stories similar to Carol Gray's Social Stories, author Mary Wrobel teaches caregivers exactly what to say and not say, and shows how you can create helpful stories of your own. Mary addresses hygiene, modesty, body growth and development, menstruation, touching, personal safety, and more. Families and teachers should begin teaching these necessary skills as early as possible, even from ages 3-5. The ultimate goal is to maximize the child's potential for independence and lifelong social success.


Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

Author: Ellen Notbohm & Veronica Zysk

Ellen’s personal experiences as a parent of children with autism and ADHD, a celebrated autism author, and a contributor to numerous publications, classrooms, conferences, and websites around the world coalesce to create a guide for all who come in contact with a child on the autism spectrum. This updated edition delves into expanded thought and deeper discussion of communication issues, social processing skills, and the critical roles adult perspectives play in guiding the child with autism to a meaningful, self-sufficient, productive life.


Uncommon Fathers: Reflections on Raising a Child with a Disability

Author: Donald J. Meyer

A compelling collection of essays by fathers who were asked to reflect and write about the life-altering experience of having a child with a disability. Nineteen fathers have taken an introspective and honest look at this deeply emotional subject, offering a seldom-heard perspective on raising children with special needs. This is the first book written for fathers by fathers. Uncommon Fathers should also be helpful to partners, family, friends, and service providers who will appreciate this rare forum and perhaps, learn from what these fathers have to say.


Views from Our Shoes: Growing Up with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs

Author: Donald Joseph Meyer

In Views From Our Shoes, 45 siblings share their experiences as the brother or sister of someone with a disability. The children whose essays are featured here range from four to eighteen and are the siblings of youngsters with a variety of special needs, including autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, ADD, hydrocephalus, visual and hearing impairments, Down and Tourette syndromes. Their personal tales introduce young siblings to others like them, perhaps for the first time, and allow them to compare experiences. A glossary of disabilities provides easy-to-understand definitions of many of the conditions mentione

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